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5 Creative School Interior Designs That'll Wow You

Jul 12

5 Creative School Interior Designs That'll Wow You

Interior designs they say, has a way of impacting positively in the life of students, whether at home or in the school. That explains why schools try as much as possible to put the best kinds of designs in the school premises.

However, these schools went extra mile in their quest for a great school designs, and you know what ? we love them! And that's why we've made a compilation of the most creative school designs.

1. The Book Lockers

Well, these kids must count themselves lucky that they attend a school where the authorities thinks about creativity. This school painted the lockers of the student into books to encourage them to read.

2. Vending Library

We'd say that this school's creativity is topnotch, they provided the student with a vending machine that has books in it instead of drinks. The students would have to 'earn' free tokens for them to have access to those books.

3. The 'Little Village' Hallway 

Back in the day, our hallways were filled with names of our crushes, rubbish stuff and immature drawing all on the wall, but in this school, they made sure to convert this regular hallway into a little village leading to the woods — a masterpiece!

4. Reflector Mirror For The 'Back Benchers'

They made sure that every student is carried along — even the 'back benchers'. The mirror is strategically placed above the table in front, in such a way that it perfectly reflects what's on the table to the rest of the class — especially those at the back of the class. Great innovation right?

5. The Basket Bin

We all had fun doing this where we used to imagine a trashcan as a basketball goal and we literally threw our trash in that way. This school however, went out of their way to install a basket ball net just above the trashcan, to encourage the students to always use the trashcan. After all, trashing waste shouldn't be boring, a little fun won't hurt.

So we'd appreciate that you tell us what you think in the comment section. Come on, don't be shy.


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