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Story Of A Boy Whose Parents Named ‘Google’ To Make Him Popular

Jul 12

Story Of A Boy Whose Parents Named ‘Google’ To Make Him Popular

An Indonesia Parent named their newly-born son after Tech Giant 'Google'.

It was discovered that the child was legally registered as "Google" in Names Registry with no surname or Other Names, and this event just got the child awarded with the title of “world’s strangest name”. The Boy is just 8 Months old.

The Boy's father named 'Andi Cahya Saputra' told Indonesian Media that the first time he nurtured the idea of naming their Baby a Tech related name was when his wife was 7 Months Pregnant.

According to him, before he named his child 'Google', he considered names in the Quran and even thought about Naming the child 'Albar Dirgantara Putra' but he finally decided that none of the names he previously considered was right for his son; so he decided to go ahead naming him 'Google'.

Apparently, he considered names of other Tech-Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Windows, and Samsung, but finally picked 'Google'. Who knows why?

The mother of the child revealed that she didn't agree with her Husband about the name when he first told her about it, but she's now comfortable having her Son named after Tech-Giant and the world's most popular Search Engine 'Google'.

According to the Local media in south-western Indonesia’s West Java Province, the mother of the child 'Ella Karin' who's 27-year-old, called her son "Baby Boy" for three months simply because she was embarrassed letting people know his name's Google.

The mother of the child said she's a big fan of Google and hope's her son will one day become a "leader of many people".

Andi Cahya Saputra revealed that the main reason they didn't consider giving their son a surname is that they didn't want to "Dilute" the essence of the boy's special Name.

The mother of the child Ella Karin also revealed that they'll name their next child "WhatsApp"


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