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Alligator Found In Family’s Swimming Pool (Video)

Jun 13

Alligator Found In Family’s Swimming Pool (Video)

A New York family was going through their normal daily routine when they discovered an alligator swimming in their private pool.

The father, Joe Baron who resides in Bayport, Long Island, said he was going through his normal daily routine of checking-out the pool’s filler before going to bed around 7:30 p.m. when he noticed a Baby Alligator swimming in the pool; probably escaping the heat.

When Joe Baron discovered the Alligator, he called on his kids and they managed to pull the alligator out with a pool skimmer, thereafter, they placed it in a fish tank.

Joe Baron was quoted saying; "At this point, I'm just stunned. A frog you get once in a blue moon, but an alligator, not in a million years,"

"Then he jumps from the filter and starts swimming all around the pool!"

Joe Baron also revealed that they are trying to pick a cool name for the baby-alligator which they now regard as a pet. He was quoted saying; "The kids are coming up with all different names: Chomp Chomp, Titan, Rex - they couldn't decide, that was a big conversation last night,"

Baron also revealed that he intends handing over the alligator to his brother-in-law who works with the country’s’ Center for Science Teaching and Learning.
Watch Video Below;
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