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Watch How Raw ‘zombie’ Chicken Crawled From A Plate At Chinese Restaurant

Sep 25

Watch How Raw ‘zombie’ Chicken Crawled From A Plate At Chinese Restaurant

How will you feel when you go to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, then you order a meal and it's served on a plate for you on your table, and when you're about to eat your meal, you're stunned by the view of the chicken or fish you ordered moving around in your plate presumably alive?

Shocked and scared right? That's exactly how a diner at a Chinese restaurant felt when she saw the chicken carcass on her plate twitching.

The other customers were shocked when a chicken part was seen crawling off the plate of a customer, so they began screaming too.

The video was posted on facebook and in the video, diners can be heard screaming as the chicken carcass began twitching off her plate. The chicken fell off her plate and landed on the wooden restaurant table, before finally falling off the table landing on the floor.

It is known that chickens tend to survive a little longer after they have been killed.
In the years 1945, a Chicken survived and lived for nearly 2 Years after being beheaded.
Watch Video Below:

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