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See The Robot Waitress Introduced In UK Restaurant

Jun 22

See The Robot Waitress Introduced In UK Restaurant

What will you do if you find yourself in a situation whereby you're very hungry and then you head to a restaurant to get some food, and after calling on a waiter to get you a meal ASAP, but the meal never arrived even after you waited for more than 10 Minutes, then later on you spot the same waiter you sent to get your order serving another customer? She probably forgot your order because she got a lot of customers to attend to.

Right at that moment a lot of thoughts will go through your mind, that can even make you wish there exists a Robot Waiter who can deliver your orders promptly.

Wish no more as a South East of England's based small chain restaurant known as "Tea Terrace" just introduced a smart Robot waitress to serve customers. The robot not only serves you, but it also has the ability to start up a conversation with customers.

The Robot waitress costs the restaurant 18,000.

The Robot waitress was named "Theresa" and according to the Managing Director, it was named after former British Prime Minister Theresa May who was at some point regarded as a robot, and it's also an honour to her.

The Managing Director Ehab Shouly was quoted as saying;

"We've christened the robot Theresa in a nod to the media's nickname for former Prime Minister Theresa May.

“But our robot is far more intelligent than the vast majority of our British politicians, and she would easily juggle her job as a waitress at our restaurant and running the country."

He Continued;
"Theresa represents the 6th Generation of robotic waitresses which were first launched in Japan a few years ago.
“The robot comes with autonomous navigation; automatic obstacle avoidance, voice conversation, and automatic dish delivery. It integrates core technologies in automatic control, multi-sensor perceptual collision avoidance and route planning.”

The robot waitress has the ability to carry much and heavier loads than a human waitress can, and it delivers promptly.

The Managing Director said; "We don't plan to replace our staff with robots entirely,”  “but the idea is to help them and to make their job easier,". He also said that all credits should go to his wife Rowena for bringing up the idea of a "Robot Waitress".

He was quoted as saying; "Rowena told me to remember the robot we saw at that restaurant we visited in Tokyo a few years ago. Why don't we get one of those? And immediately I thought that it would be a brilliant idea for the UK where costs for restaurants are spiralling out of control due to onerous business rates and taxes,"

The restaurant has now changed its method of service to customers as labour has been shared between the Robot Waitress and human waitress. The robot waitress role is to lift foods and deliver it to customers tables, while the human waitress takes it from there and serves the food to the customers. After food delivery, you're expected to tap the Robot Waitress arm so it can return to its base.

The Robot waitress, Theresa doesn't just deliver food or drinks to customers table and return back immediately, it takes it to customer's table, mention the names of the items it just brought to them and then asks them to tap its arm so it can go attend to other customers. The Robot also avoids a collision as it has the ability to avoid getting in contact with tables, objects and humans.

The Managing Director was quoted as saying; "If Theresa senses a person in its route, it will stop and then frown and ask the person to move out of its way before she continues on her way."This is part of the safety mechanism we developed for her with the robotics laboratory that manufactured Theresa for us in Japan,"

The Robot waitress also has an LED display on its face to show its emotions to customers as to regards to its feelings. The restaurant also noted that the Robot was built in Japan and Unlike Human waiters, it doesn't go on holidays. He also added that an overnight charge of the Robot waitress battery can power it for 48 hours of non-stop service to customers.

Shouly added; "This is one staff member who we know will never call in sick, will never complain, never request a holiday, and always show up to work on time. It really is the ideal employee". When asked about the Robot taking away the jobs of their human waiters, he said; "They were joking about losing their jobs to robots, but we reassured them that all robots who join the team are there to assist and not replace the staff.

“The human interaction and customer service has been key to our success since we launched The Tea Terrace 10 years ago. This will never change."


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