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Politician Paraded In Women Clothes For Not Fulfilling Campaign Promises (Video)

Jun 13

Politician Paraded In Women Clothes For Not Fulfilling Campaign Promises (Video)

Politicians are fond of making big promises they know they can never fulfill just to win the votes of the electorates, and after being voted in, they go after their personal and political interest without minding or even bothering to fulfill the promise they made while being voted in.

That has been the trend for Politicians all over the world, most especially; African Countries.

Politicians often do it because they believe that once they are voted in, nothing can be done by the electorates even if they don’t fulfill their electoral promises.

But, Electorates in Southern Mexico have a way of handling erring and corrupt Politicians, just as they paraded the Mayor of Huixtán Javier Jimenez earlier this week in women long skirt and blouse for not fulfilling his campaign promise, and telling stories which clearly means he can’t even fulfill the promise any longer.

Javier Jimenez was voted Mayor of Huixtán because he promised to improve the Local Water System of Huixtán.

The Mayor of Huixtán was paraded alongside Huixtain trustee ‘Luis Ton’. Javier Jimenez was dressed in a long black skirt and a white blouse with ruffles and flowery embroidery, while the trustee ‘Luis Ton’ was dressed in bright pink dress with white polka dots.

According to the citizens, the Mayor promised to allocate 3 million pesos (equivalent to about $158,000) for the improvement of the town’s water system when he was contesting for the office and after they made him win, he began telling stories and giving excuses as to why he couldn’t fulfill his electoral promises.

When the mayor was interviewed by the press, he was asked to explain why he hasn’t fulfilled his electoral promise, he informed them that he has been trying hard to fulfill all promises he made to them, but there’s no more money to work on the towns’ water system as it has been shared among various other communities.

While being interviewed, some protesters can be seen in the background carrying placards with his shortcomings written on them, while others could be heard yelling at him not to continue telling lies.

The mayor and his trustee weren’t only paraded around town; they were forced to beg passerby's and motorists for funds to see if they could raise money for the project.

The mayor was detained and paraded around town for four days.
The citizens have begun an investigation to find out if he really allocated the funds to other communities as he claimed earlier, or if he diverted the money for his personal use. The mayor claims he is innocent and is open for investigation and trial.

Watch The Video Below;


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