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Man Dressed As An Usher Caught On CCTV Stealing Bags Of Money In A Wedding Ceremony (Video)

Jun 13

Man Dressed As An Usher Caught On CCTV Stealing Bags Of Money In A Wedding Ceremony (Video)

A video has emerged online after a Uganda Bride’s bag went missing on her wedding day.

According to Intel, the wedding was held a few days ago at Ntinda City in Uganda and what prompted The bride requested to review the CCTV Feeds after her bag, some guests bag and some money went missing on her wedding day.

Upon reviewing the footage, it was discovered that a Ugandan Man who was identified as “Tony Asega” was the one who made away with the missing bags and money.

It was reported that the incident took place shortly after the couple and their guests briefly excused themselves from the high table, as it was reported that the wedding was attended by high profile guests.

In the footage, Tony could be seen removing his jacket to cover the items in the high table, and then shortly after that, he walked away from the table for a moment and then came back to pick up the jacket alongside the items he covered it with. He hurriedly left afterward.

According to the intel we got, the Bride’s bag is estimated to cost around 1 Million Kenya Shillings which is approximately 3.5 Million Naira, while the other bag he also made away with was valued at 800, 000 Kenya Shillings which is approximately 2.8 Million Naira.

The Bride also revealed that some cash totaling up to 1.4 million Kenya Shillings (4.9 Million Naira) was in the stolen bag.

The management of the venue used for the wedding denied having the knowledge or any information that could lead to the arrest of Tony Asega and so, his whereabouts are unknown; for now.  The CCTV footage was released online to enable people to identify the criminal.

Watch The Video Below;


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