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Read Caucasian Woman Open Letter To Black Women About Appreciating Their Body

Jul 12

Read Caucasian Woman Open Letter To Black Women About Appreciating Their Body

A Caucasian woman just wrote an open letter to black women and she posted it on her Facebook Timeline. In the letter, she advised black women to appreciate their body.

The Woman named Nicole “Chilaka-Ukpo” is a German woman married to a Nigerian Man advised black women to stop feeling inferior about their body and should learn to appreciate the way they are.

The Open letter goes as thus; ”dear black queen
I know we have done you wrong, done you wrong so many times, on so many levels, abused and oppressed, then and now, in shackles then, in mental bondage now, we have done you wrong, we have failed you. failed to protect you, failed to honour you, failed to give you credit, failed to praise you for who you are. but instead we glorify every copy but you. we glorify big lips, curvy bodys, curly/kinky hair and your braiding arts, the way you talk and walk, we glorify all that on everybody else BUT YOU.

but no more.
we see you.
your hair that defines gravity,
your skin that absorbs the sunlight and glows from within, your features that often leave other women jealous running from the tanning bed to the next available plastic surgeon, to get just a tiny bit of what you are naturally blessed with. we see you, you carry the dna of humanity, you were the first woman to walk earth, and we all arose from

you have been humilated for everything you are, but you will eventually be celebrated again, for everything you have become.
dear black queen,
no matter how light, no matter how dark your skin is, you are perfectly made.
rise black queen, rise ??
and with you, the black nation will arise again ??


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