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Man Falls Off Cliff After Completely Putting His Trust On Google Map

Jul 12

Man Falls Off Cliff After Completely Putting His Trust On Google Map

Sounds really weird and funny right? Well, it does to me too. A widely known thought or notion about male drivers is that they’re loath to stop and ask for directions when lost.

The stereotype has just been made concrete by a truck driver named Agus Tri Pamungkas, 23, who recently became a victim of Google map, was tasked with the transportation of a payload of rocks from Banyuwangi, East Java to Singakerta village in Ubud, Bali.

According to a report by The Jakarta Post, Agus lost his way upon reaching Ubud, and then he figured consulting his phone instead of the locals was much better(we all know better now), and then faithfully followed the directions provided by Google Maps.

Unknown to him, the route he was taking was meant only for light vehicles, such as motorcycles. Despite realising that the road he was on was very narrow, Agus pressed on and even traversed a rickety bridge over the Wos River near Banjar Gelogor (hey, who is he to question Google Maps?) Agus and his truck miraculously made it to the other side of the bridge, but the road – which was poorly maintained – suddenly turned into a steep, uphill climb.

Perhaps realising that it had been bamboozled by Google Maps, the truck decided to rebel. It stalled, slid backwards over the cliff and plunged into the Wos River. Incredibly, Agus survived the horrific crash and was rescued and taken to hospital by residents of nearby Lodtunduh village.

Note to all motorists – having blind faith in an app is as potentially hazardous as a blind person consulting Google Maps (and driving!).



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