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Toddler Falls From 6 Storey Building, Gets Caught By Neighbours (Video)

Feb 22

Toddler Falls From 6 Storey Building, Gets Caught By Neighbours (Video)

Leaving your child alone at home has a lot of disadvantages which are more than the advantages because a child left alone at home, especially a toddler can get him/herself badly injured or even get into a practice/position which can really endanger his/her life and there'll be no adult around to help.

A lot of action movies aren’t good for your kids also as they tend to practice what they watch on the television, who knows if the lucky toddler involved in this incident had been watching some Spider-man movies lately and then decided to practice it when he was home alone?

A video has surfaced online of a toddler (3 Years old) who was left alone at home by his parents, and no one knew how he managed to climb up the balcony and while trying to climb further up; he slipped and was left holding onto the ledge of the building for his dear life.

The toddler held onto the ledge of the building for a few moments and when he couldn't hold onto it any longer, he fell freely to the ground, but luckily for him, their grand-floor neighbours were around, so, they all gathered and they grabbed 2 blankets which they positioned below the falling toddler to make sure he doesn't fall directly to the ground; but on the blanket.

Watch Video Below;

See Pictures From the Incident Below;


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