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Man Eats Expired Foods For A Year To Prove Expiry Dates Doesn't Mean Much

Jun 22

Man Eats Expired Foods For A Year To Prove Expiry Dates Doesn't Mean Much

Expiry dates are dates noted in a product, especially consumable ones. Expiry dates are always found alongside Production Date of a product and it’s noted down by the producer to let the consumers know the date in which that particular product is not to be consumed further.

An American man named Scott Nash doesn’t agree with the fact that goods are actually not good to be consumed after the expiry date written by the manufacturer, and he wanted to prove it, so he took it upon himself and ate Expired products for complete 1 Year.

[caption id="attachment_1048" align="alignnone" width="300"] Scott Nash Drank Expired Yoghurt which has been expired for about 6 Months past.[/caption]

Scott Nash got the idea to start the experiment when he ate an Expired Yoghurt, which was expired six months past and got no bad symptoms or reaction.

Scott Nash is a “staunch environmentalist” and owns a grocery store in DC Area named MOM’s Organic Market. Scott forgot a yoghurt in his old Cabin in Virginia for a very long time and returned a few months to find it in there, it was chilled so he drank it. According to him, it didn’t taste funny and he never felt anything strange after consuming it, neither did he got any health problems or issue afterwards. So, that got him thinking of what essence the Expiry dates written on Products are and how long it really takes a product to be finally unfit for consumption.

This got us at Yugo Magazine asking these questions; what does the Expiry Dates on Products really mean? Does it mean that expiry dates don’t really matter?

[caption id="attachment_1047" align="alignnone" width="300"] Scott Nash ate Expired Foods for A Year and was still Healthy[/caption]

After conducting the experiment, Scott Nash said; “The Food Product Dating system for food (and non-edible goods) needs to be revised. Consistency in labelling (use one term for quality such as ‘best by’ or ‘for best quality, use by’ and another term for food safety such as ‘expires by’) would create clarity. And these dates need to be set to match reality. Some items don’t need a date at all – like salt, canned goods, and baby wipes.”

Scott Nash was determined to continue his research, so he and his family began eating foods that have been expired for about 8 months, 1 year, 7 Months and even Nine Months past its specified expiry date.

At a point, Scott Nash had to cook with butter that became mouldy after it expired long ago. He just scraped off the mould and cooked a meal with it, everyone felt fine after eating it.


Scott Nash said that there are better ways to find out if a product is really expired instead of checking the expiry dates of the products. If A Product looks funny, smells or even taste’s funny; awfully different from the original taste, then it’s definitely not good for your consumption and not just by mare looking at the expiry date.

What do you think about Scott Nash’s Research?

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