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New Nokia 3310 Features And Drop Test

Jul 12

New Nokia 3310 Features And Drop Test

The original Nokia 3310, when launched in the year 2000, immediately earned itself the title of the ‘indestructible phone’. It was thrown into fire, chopped with an axe and even thrown from high buildings.

Fast forward to 2017, HMD Global launched the modern version of the beloved feature phone, and the itch to put it through multiple durability tests is inevitable. In a new video, the new Nokia 3310 is put through a series of drop tests, which included throwing the phone from four floors high, and the results are quite amazing.

The 'indestructible' Nokia 3310 was relaunched amid much fanfare at MWC 2017 in Barcelona and enthusiasts went berserk soon after that. With its new peppy colours but still the same ‘featured phone’ look, Nokia 3310 boasts of a 22 hour talk time and a month long stand-by.

In a video released by Business Insider on the 3rd of may, the new Nokia 3310 is put through five different tests — pocket high drop, shoulder high drop, drop from one floor, four-floor high drop, and ultimately throwing it against a wall. When dropped from a casual height (trying to take out the phone from the pockets and accidentally dropping it) the damage is not visible.

At most, the battery and the rear panel cover snap out. Once reassembled, it is good to go. Everything works fine. When dropped from the shoulder length, only minor scratches were seen here and there. Once reassembled, the phone works as good as new.

When the 'indestructible' phone was dropped from the first floor, the new Nokia 3310 sustained a lil bit of injury, but still worked perfectly fine. The real damage happened when the device was dropped from the fourth floor. When dropped from the fourth floor, the screen of the phone was damaged. But that didn’t prevent the phone from booting. The phone turned on but the display got broken.

Business Insider still wasn't convinced about it's durability, so they threw the phone against the wall for the fatal blow and destroyed the Nokia 3310 completely. The battery got deformed while plastic chips were seen flying in the process. In as much as the original Nokia 3310 was the ‘Chuck Norris of mobile phones,’ the new Nokia 3310 is no less of a badass.

Still want to have a glimpse of the whole show? Watch the video by Business Insider below:


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