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These are Some Helpful Safety Tips for The Festive Season

Jul 14

These are Some Helpful Safety Tips for The Festive Season

The festive and holiday season is here again and it comes with a lot of enjoyment and celebrations, nonetheless, it comes with a lot of dangers for road users too as a lot of people are in a hurry to round up their shopping for the festivity. As you’re rushing out, your safety should be the top priority because if any tragedy befalls you on the road today, you won’t be able to celebrate the festivity in one piece.

Here are a few tips to help you stay safe on the road;

  • Pull Off The Road If You Feel Tired:

  • Have a good sleep before your departure whenever you’re scheduled to drive your car to a far distant place of choice to avoid falling asleep on the steering as you could put your life and other occupants at risk. Whenever you feel tired while driving, you can take turns and let another licensed person in the vehicle take over from you; while you rest (I’m not talking about commercial bus Drivers oo).

  • Always Wear Your Seat Belt:

  • Whenever you’re in a car that has a functioning seat belt, always remember to wear your seat belt as it helps reduce the risk of dying in an accident by half. Also, make sure your occupants are buckled into appropriate safety seats.

  • Slow Down:

  • While in a rush to get to the mall or stores before the closing time or rather in a rush to meet up at the party, endeavour to drive on a normal speed limit to avoid accidents or rather being flagged for traffic violation which might result to an arrest, paying a fine, or even being delayed by law enforcement agencies (Soldiers Sabi do this one diee).

  • Always Obey Traffic Rules

  •  While you may have been going against traffic rules for a while and getting away with it, you might not get away with traffic violations now as a lot of traffic control agents and law enforcement personnel’s has been deployed on the road to control and make sure motorists obey the rules and reduce road-congestion.

  • Don’t Drink and Drive:

  • While you might be tempted to take lots of drinks in a Christmas party or gathering, remember not to drive when drunk or feeling tipsy as drunk-driving has been the major cause of road accidents in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. When you feel tipsy or drunk, you can either sleep-over or get a cab to take you home. Drunk Driving Kills!! How will you feel getting drunk the previous merry night and waking up in hell a few hours later? You’re sure not going to heaven. lol!

  • Watch Out For Emergency Vehicles:

  • One can never be fully safe on a Nigerian road so while you’re on your best behaviour following every traffic rules and driving on a normal speed limit, also endeavour to make way for any Emergency vehicle you sight as they might probably be on their way to save a life. E.g Ambulance and Fire Trucks.

  • Carry An Emergency Kit:

  • Always be prepared when embarking on a journey so you won’t be disappointed. Always remember to keep handy car-tools which can help you fix minor car faults/issues that can occur on the road. Also, remember to keep a First Aid Box.

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