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6 Signs You're Crushing And Helplessly Obsessed About Him or Her

Jun 13

6 Signs You're Crushing And Helplessly Obsessed About Him or Her

There might be points in life when you might have just bumped into someone’s life so deeply that you feel signs of being attached to them and want to go further, but then you think that your feelings might not be mutual and you might end up even ruining what you had earlier, or maybe it’s just some lust you might feel on the outside just for some time and then you regret that small step in the future.

1. Distinction

You give your crush their own separate ringtone, and whenever you hear any tune that is even remotely similar to it, your heart skips a beat. You can also go to the point of using their picture as your desktop or phone wallpaper.

2. You stalk them on Social media

You find yourself casually clicking over to his or her Facebook page or Twitter account, and then before you know it, you're at their very first entry and there's nothing more to read. Because you clicked through the entire thing.

You can't help but thoroughly research anyone who tweets or comments or pokes your crush, or writes on their wall.

3. Eye contact

This is the foremost thing you start having. You look directly into their eyes and the world stops for you, as if it’s some clock stopper. And most of the times your crush might blush or maybe just when you get out of that loop, you might feel a bit uncomfortable and relieved too.

And this happens too often if you are into them. And there’s no way you can get the same feeling with anyone else at that time.

4. You get jealous for no reason

You start to get jealous when you see them with other people, especially if the person they're with is opposite of their gender. That's one of the starter sign, you're crushing on or obsessed about them.

5. You're always completely honest with them

This usually happens when you like someone, you share every piece of life and happiness with them wishing that they were a part of that too and making memories. You never lie to your crush and even when you do, it eats you up and you confess the right thing.

6. You like to talk about them all the time.

It's so weird, but, you can relate almost any conversation to one you were just having with your crush! You're constantly telling your friends what your crush thinks about, oh, anything.

You're happy to talk to anyone about your crush. Like anyone. Like that co-worker you randomly ran an errand with, your neighbor, you try as much as possible to switch into the discussion concerning your crush with anyone you engage in a discussion with.


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