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Having This Deadly Symptom In Your Nail Means It's Time To See Your Doctor ASAP

Jun 22

Having This Deadly Symptom In Your Nail Means It's Time To See Your Doctor ASAP

We might have at some point experienced one or two harmless symptoms or signs in our body and however have no need to see a physician. But in the case of this symptom which pose a deadly risk to our life, shirking it will mean drastic results.

When something isn’t quite right, your body will let you know it. Being able to recognize signs and symptoms of a health problem can help you catch it early and figure out a solution. For one lady named Lisa, who narrated the story of an early detection, that sign of black line on her client's fingernail.

Lisa’s Story

Lisa Harrison Williams was giving her client a manicure when she noticed that her client had a dark black line on her fingernail. She immediately knew that something wasn’t right. Lisa wrote about the incident on her Facebook page and explained that her client had been going to the salon for years. The client sat down and asked Lisa for a nail polish cover dark enough to cover the stripe on her nail.

Lisa explained that she didn’t want to scare her client, but she believed the black line in her nail was an urgent matter. She told her client that the black line was a sign of melanoma, and she should see her doctor as soon as possible.

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that most commonly results from high exposure to UV light. In a patient who suffers from melanoma, the cells that produce melanin divide uncontrollably. Symptoms of melanoma include discolorations of various parts of the body, including the nails. These spots of discoloration can change shapes or colors, or produce blood.

Lisa’s client took her advice and saw a doctor. She called Lisa to confirm that she did in fact have melanoma, and it had spread to her lymph nodes. Lisa is sharing her story in hopes of encouraging others to pay special attention to their nail health.

She wrote, “Odd changes in your nails can very likely be nothing to worry about! But sometimes it is an indication of a very serious disease. And please keep an eye on the nail beds—toes and fingers—-of your elderly loved ones and your loved ones that aren’t physically able to notice changes in the nail beds! Early diagnosis can make all the difference in the world!!!”


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