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7 Pictures That Proves That Fatness Can Be Remedied

Jul 14

7 Pictures That Proves That Fatness Can Be Remedied

Fatness is not a d**th sentence. Fatness can be remedied, yes! You can actually find your way out of the claws of fatness. Fortunately, these pictures are here to prove me right.

Studies, however, shows that many dieters give up before reaching their goal weight. In fact, recent research shows that fewer people are even trying to shed kilos than in past years, perhaps because it is just so difficult a task.

However, there are some amazing success stories out there. People who say that enough is enough, who take charge of their health and who refuse to give up defy the statistics.

1. Christina Phillips

Christina Phillips was 708bLbs and although it is hard to believe that she lost so much weight to end up looking like this.

Amazingly, Christina was able to change her eating habits and reach Dr’s targets. Now, it was just time to sit back and wait for the surgery day to roll around, according to Monagiza.com.  At long last, it was time for her gastric bypass surgery. This means the stomach is split into two with the smaller pouch being attached to the intestine instead.

She finally got to lose a whole deal of weight. This inspiration finally dropped a staggering 536 pounds since her surgery! Now, at 27 years, Christina weighs just 172 pounds – her lowest weight since she was a child.

That means Christina has lost more than 75% of her body weight since the start of her journey. To top it off, Christina has also gone through skin removal surgery.

2. Amber Rachdi

Amber was overweight and she surely didn't really work out until she realized how important it is to lose weight for her own good. She transformed into such a beauty.

3. Bettie Joe

Bettie was overweight and not only that, she was even unable to move from places. And she would have soon realized that she needs to get herself into shape and so she lost around 200 lbs.

4. June Mccamey

The overweight who weighted 600lbs dropped up to 370 lbs and transformed into a lady in shape for losing more weight than before and achieve the goal she has set.

June McCamey said that she felt “imprisoned” by her body when she weighed 590 pounds. “I’m in pain. It hurts to sit up. I’m breathing heavy. Chest is pounding. I’m worried my heart will give out,” she said sadly. June’s eating got out of control after her son passed away.

June lost almost 400 pounds of fat and excess skin while on the show, and she continues to “regain” her life. “I wasn’t active as much. Now I have so much more energy than I had before,” she stated.

5 Nikki Webster

The 33-year-old showed off her makeover on Facebook and on TLC "My 600-lb Life" reality television after gastric bypass surgery.

From 649 pounds, Webster is down to 236 pounds she glows. That's a 413-pound weight loss! Nikki was always a Jolene type beauty but her ivory skin and flaming locks weren't the head-turners; her morbid obesity was. At 500 pounds overweight, she weighed over 4 times what the BMI (body mass index) called for.

6. Laura Perez

This picture also looks like they are two different people but actually it is Laura Perez. She was so obese that she had this condition ruin her health so much that she would need medical attention. But when she decided to lose weight she lost more than 380 lbs.

7. Nikki Wwebster

Nikki Webster once weighed nearly 650 lbs. Before undergoing a life-changing procedure — gastric bypass surgery. Now, she looks absolutely stunning and has a new lease on life. I strongly believe she isn’t going to let it go to waste. Her smile is of content of what she has achieved in the long run.

You motivated yet? Or do you still think that you can't still lose the little weight you have, which invariably makes you feel fat? Well think again! If these obese individuals can take a bold step at weight loss, why can't you!

It's only a thing of the mind!

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