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This Is What Different Kinds Of Shoes Say About You

Jul 14

This Is What Different Kinds Of Shoes Say About You

Of course, no one should be judged solely on his or her shoes, but a study published in the Journal of Research in Personality in 2012 showed that 90 percent of your personality may be communicated by your choice of footwear.

Women tend to judge a man by his shoes twice as much as men judge women’s shoes. So, guys, it pays to step up your footwear game. Whether you realize it or not, here is what your shoes are saying about you

Here’s a fun look at what your shoes might say about you.

- Sneakers

-You might expect people with colorful sneakers to be more extroverted, but that’s not necessarily so, the researchers found. Fun-looking shoes do not mean a fun personality.

- Also means if things were to ever go sideways, he is ready to roll

- Sandals

A guy who constantly wears sandals implies he has little or no care about what people think of your appearance. They are usually stubborn and highly opinionated about everything and have a hint of weirdness to them.

- Formal shoes or oxford

- High icome

- Shows a unique level of charisma and coolness, could also be implied as a proud narcissistic person.

This may not be entirely true but for a first time impressions, these thoughts and many more run through people’s minds once your footwear is seen

- High tops

-Standoffish, introverted, agreeable, conscientious, according to the study.

-HuffingtonPost.com says they signal “A kid at heart who doesn’t take himself too seriously.”


-Extroverted, emotionally stable.
-Not new but well-kept can mean the wearer is conscientious.

- Biker-Style Boots

-According to Million Looks fashion website: reserved, egocentric, lack of trust in people and a preference to do things oneself, smart, sensitive.
-Ankle boots tend to be worn by aggressive people, the study found.

-‘Fashion-Forward’ Wedges


-According to Million Looks: straightforward, confident, yet hesitant to make decisions.

-High heels or Sky-high Pumps

-Painful to look at.

-Million Looks says stilettos show a vivid personality, a desire for attention, high self-confidence in terms of appearance, and capriciousness.

- Desert boots

“These suede ankle boots are trendy yet understated, masculine but not aggressive. This guy is detail-oriented and not at all flashy.”

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