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Rihanna’s New “So Stoned” Shoe Collection For Manolo Blahnik Is All Shades Of Gorgeous

Jul 12

Rihanna’s New “So Stoned” Shoe Collection For Manolo Blahnik Is All Shades Of Gorgeous

If you’re a fan of RiRi’s, then you’ve likely watched her in Billboard’s number one trending video “Wild Thoughts” at least a dozen times. But did you catch a glimpse of her sexy gladiator stilettos? It turns out that those are just one of four styles from her latest “So toned” collection for Spanish Manolo Blahnik. She's calling it “So Stoned,” which will be her third and final collection with the designer.

It was announced on Wednesday that its third and final collection with the Wild Thoughts singer, Rihanna has a release date.

Of course, Rihanna couldn’t help but tease her fans on Instagram by posting a stunning photo of her wearing “Poison Ivy,” the shoe that has people drooling. Well, Feast your eyes on the shoes that are about to take every stoner’s wardrobe to new heights.

Talk about tempting. Just imagine wearing those $2,325 jewel-encrusted beauties while smoking pot. And that’s not even all. There are three other shoe styles to go gaga over as well.

Below are 'em styles:

- Rihanna x Manolo Purple Chalice

Another style you can choose from is the Rihanna x Manolo Purple Chalice, a beautiful strappy high-heel that will cost you $1,325. Again, not cheap, but so worth it.

- Rihanna x Manolo Bajan Princess

The eye-catching Rihanna x Manolo Bajan Princess, a high-heeled mule that will sell for $1,435.

- Rihanna x Manolo Spice

Above is the style Rihanna x Manolo Spice, a mid-heeled mule that costs $1,265. A bit cheaper, but still pretty pricey.

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