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Study Shows That Men Who Marry Smart and Intelligent Women Live Longer

Jul 12

Study Shows That Men Who Marry Smart and Intelligent Women Live Longer

Encouraging men to value a female’s brains over her beauty is a tricky business. This has long been an important feminist issue, and one that is well understood by most people. Up until now, only men were expected to be educated and working. But the time has changed and the need for women's smartness is equally important. It is finally time when men should look beyond beauty and search for brains in the girl.

Let's discuss how smart women help men to live longer and happier.

Helps Stimulate And Prevent Some Mental Diseases

Researchers revealed that intellectually challenging games such as crossword puzzles can help to ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s by stimulating the brain, so it would make sense that a wife who engages and challenges her husband’s mental faculties could benefit him in the same way. Shockingly, some men who were married to these clever women even showed physical signs of dementia in a brain scan but didn’t suffer from any symptoms of the disease. In fact, they were determined to be “highly intelligent” and fully functional.

Mind Stimulation

If you marry a smart woman, she'll have a way of stimulating your mind when you engage her in intellectual conversations. She can always have a good conversation with you. You'll always feel a sense of comfort and relaxation whenever you feel stuck in a situation ? because you're rest assured your wife will always have a smart contribution and a possible way out.

Helps to reduce stress

We all feel stressed at some point in time. The burden of family and work life often causes severe stress. However, if you have a smart and intellectual wife, she will understand you and will try to handle the things in a better way. She will guide you the way to reduce your stress.

A Sense Of Independence and Responsibility

The study also revealed that intelligence can make your partner look at you with pride and being smart can make a woman more responsible and independent. This is because a smart and intellectual woman will always pay attention towards your work or hers. She will never ask you to neglect your work and will understand the priorities in a better way.

Good support system

We all need a supporting partner in our life. If you marry a smart woman, you get that support without even asking. She will be there by your side in all the ups and downs of your life.

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