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Facts About The Most Expensive Bird’ Feather In The World- Costs 10,000 USD

Jul 12

Facts About The Most Expensive Bird’ Feather In The World- Costs 10,000 USD

Many people in the world might think that the most expensive things are the things that are invented newly or things that are modern.

It will impress you to know that some of the most expensive and treasured things we have today are things that some people might call “Old Fashioned”.

The Huia Bird's feather is the most valuable feather in the world.

[caption id="attachment_739" align="alignnone" width="478"] Huia bird's Feather[/caption]

The Huia bird is specie of New Zealand wattle bird, endemic of the North Island of New Zealand.

It scientific name is Heteralocho Acutirostris, it is said to belong to the kingdom of Animalia and it

Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Heteralocha
Specie: H. Acutirostris.

The Huia bird existed many thousand years ago and was last seen in 1907.

It appears to be a remnant of an early expansion of passerines in the country of New Zealand. The people of New Zealand treasures bird, maybe that’s why the Huia bird feather is one of their most important assets.

The Huia bird is described to have a black plumage with a green metallic tinge and distinctive orange wattles at the face. Their eyes are brown, their legs and feet are long and bluish grey, while the claws are lightly brown. They have long tail feather tipped with a striking broad band of white. The female bird has long, thin and arched downward beak which is about 48cm long, while that of the male is short and stout and 45cm long.

Huia were often silent.

When they vocalize, their call could travel considerable distance. It was recorded that it was the first bird to sing in the dawn with its beautiful melody.

Huia birds were rare and weren’t rampant as other birds. They lived in ancient ecological primary forest.

Like it was said earlier, the Huia bird is specie of the New Zealand wattle bird which existed many thousand years ago. Today, the Huia bird doesn’t exist because it is an extinct bird. It extinction has two primary causes.

The first major cause of it extinction is the over hunting of the Huia bird which were used as specimens. Their feathers were used for hat decorations and their skins for mounted specimen.

The second major cause of its extinction was the wide spread of deforestation of the lowland of the North Island by European settlers to create pasture for agriculture. Most of these forests were ancient and ecologically complex primary forest, the Huia birds were unable to survive in secondary forest.

The bird lived in forest at both montane and lowland elevations, they move seasonally, they live at the higher elevation during summer and during winter they descend to the lower elevation. Huia were omnivorous, they usually eat spider, grubs, adult insects as well as the fruit of a small number of native plants.

[caption id="attachment_735" align="alignnone" width="300"] huia Bird[/caption]

The male and female Huia use their beak to feed in different ways: the female longer, more flexible bill was able to probe deeper areas while the males used their bill to chisel away at rotting wood.

Huia was treasured by the Maori and were kept as pet. It could be trained to say a few words even through its body language.

Huia is one of the best known extinct birds by the New Zealand because of its bill shape and its sheer beauty.

Huia are regarded by the Maori as sacred. Those who wear the skin or the feather of Huai were regarded as people of high status and were given great reverence.

After the extinction of this bird, there was a report about the sighting of Huia Twenty to Thirty years after it extinction which was unconfirmed.

For Maori, the Huia Bird was revered as a symbol of nobility, leadership and hierarchy.

The white tipped tail feathers were mainly used as adornments which signify the authority to which one holds.

[caption id="attachment_738" align="alignnone" width="300"] Huia bird's Feather[/caption]

The Huai Bird’s Feather was also exchanged as gift of friendship to men of high status in other country. Because of this, the European settlers soon adopted the wearing of the Huia Bird’s feather as a symbol of great esteem. Dried heads and beaks of Huia Bird were fashioned into gold capped pendants. The increased desires of Huia Bird as an asset lead to the extinction of the bird.


Normally, things that are most valued and cannot be found easily are really expensive.

Considering how long the Huia bird has existed and the time at which the bird went extinct, anyone who still has a feather of this bird is considered to have something valuable.

If it was owned by hierarchy and men of high status before its extinction, how much more now?

Huia Bird’s Feather remains the world most expensive feather because of its remarkable features.

Watch Video Of Huia Bird Singing below;



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