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8 Crazy Nipple Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Jul 14

8 Crazy Nipple Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Have you ever looked at your nipples and wondered if they're normal? Turns out they come in different shapes and sizes. What's more, they can bring you incredible pleasure, feed your baby etc

Below are some of the known nipples facts

1. Your nipples could look different from each other

Though your breasts come in pairs, they are not twins. In fact, they will always look slightly different from each other. One is bound to be smaller than the other and many a time the size and colour of the nipple differs too.

2. Nipple orgasm are real

You can actually achieve orgasm via nipple stimulation. But for that to happen, your nipples need to be very sensitive and your man needs to know his technique between the sheets really, really well.

3. Inverted nipples are no big deal

Inverted nipples are a very common thing and can happen to a lot of people. But guess what, good when aroused, your nipple will pop out, only to get inverted again when the deed is done.

4. Sometimes you've three of them

Medical research has proven that a man or woman can have more than the normal two nipples. These extra nipples are called “supernumerary nipples”.They might resemble a mole or mark. They never develop into actual breasts, and they can show up anywhere on the body.

5. The bumps around your nipples are normal

Ever wondered why the skin around the nipple is so rough, sometimes bringing out whitish fluid, not from the nipple itself? Well, research tells us that it is absolutely normal. Those bumps around your nipples called areola can be hair follicles, ducts, or oil glands that produce lubricating fluid, it’s totally normal to have them.

6. Nipple discharge can be a warning sign

A discharge that is white or creamy released on its own, without you squeezing the breast could be a sign of a non-cancerous growth in the brain. Medical professionals say that a green or black discharge can tip you off to a benign duct problem (a non cancerous breast growth). And bloody discharge might mean breast cancer. If you experience any of these, bring it to your doctor’s attention.

7. Running long distance could hurt your nipple

This is as a result of the shirt you have on at the time, which causes them to bleed. So you might want to apply some vaseline or tape over them before running marathons or not run at all.

8. Nipple piercing takes a very long time to heal

An important rule of nipple piercing is that no one can lick the nipple till the piercing has healed. And most of the time, the nipple piercing takes about six to eight months to fully heal. So you can kiss your sex life goodbye until then.
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