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Couple Born In Same Hospital, Same Year, Gets Married 23 Years Later

Jun 13

Couple Born In Same Hospital, Same Year, Gets Married 23 Years Later

A couple who were born in the same hospital, same day, just hours apart just got married after 23 Years. The Groom James Barsby was born a twin, likewise the bride too. James Barsby's twin is a male while the bride, Amy has a male twin too. But his wife Amy and her twin brother William was born five hours after James and his twin brother Christian was born.

The couple's parents met even at an anti-natal class in the year 1995 before they were born in Queen's Park Hospital, Blackburn, England. [caption id="attachment_1393" align="alignnone" width="300"] James and his twin-brother Christian when they were born[/caption] Despite the fact that they lived close to each other while growing up, just a few miles away, they only got chemistry for each other at school. They began dating back in their secondary school days. The couple began dating in 2011, and their moving away to different universities never affected their relationship as their love even grew stronger. [caption id="attachment_1394" align="alignnone" width="300"] Amy and her twin brother William when they were born[/caption] The couple got married at St Peter's Church in Salisbury, just days before James's graduation from Manchester Medical School and Amy's graduation from Lancaster University. Amy's parents and grandparents got married in the same St Peter's Church in Salisbury. The bride, Amy was quoted saying; "It makes it more like it was just meant to be. I wouldn't have it any other way, even if it means I can't have my own birthday. "Growing up, we've always shared our birthday with our twin brothers, now we share it with each other." James proposed to Amy two years ago while they were on holiday after making a secret arrangement with a hotel to book a special spot for him and his then-girlfriend. Amy was quoted saying; "It was really cute - he did well. He got down on one knee and asked me. There was no way I was going to say no. "I kind of guessed something was happening when he was leading me to a romantic, secluded spot, but I was very happy. "The wedding day was just amazing, I thought I'd be nervous but I was not at all. ""My mum helped a lot with the wedding and is really happy for us - she remembers talking to his family at the antenatal class." Amy added: "I was in Lancaster and James was in Manchester. It's only an hour on the train, it was nothing really. Not a weekend went by that we didn't spend together. "We both applied for medicine degrees, we both got into uni and we both passed. Now we are both starting as junior doctors at the same NHS Trust." James was quoted saying: "Everyone says to us 'what are the chances of that?'. "On the first day of school, our parents said to us both 'the other sets of twins will be starting today'. Whenever I saw Amy around the school, I thought 'there's that other twin'." Reference: 1


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